wktee system

A unique intelligent algorithms to prevent the possibility of infection with the covid-19 and aims to reach customers' waiting time to zero. The Booked service is connected with customers in all phases of the process (Reservation-Updating time - Cancel - reservation Changes ...Etc). Wktee reduces and preventing errors and managing staff & resources in a flexible and effective manner. It learns ... adapts ... predicts ...update the real time to provide infinite flexibility & benefits. Wktee doesn’t require training because it is simple, easy and stylish. Wktee can be applied to any organization size in any sector impacted with consequences of waiting problem.

Quality consultancy and training

Quality 360 Experts provide Consultancy Services, which influence Quality, Time and Cost. We provide a wide range of training courses, workshops to individuals, teams and organizations in a very competitive business environment. We delivers our training courses on our facilities, in addition to providing online courses with complete interaction with clients at their comfort time and place. Furthermore, we deliver onsite courses on clients place or the nearest possible place ... Learn More